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The shoots starts with a mood of shyness but with a hugely seductive feel, you just know from that point on that she's got a lot of sexual desires underneath that gorgeous, silky smooth surface that she needs to get out! Pulling at her tight blue top and ripped jeans she gives us glimpses of her perfectly formed, slim, toned body.

After a little more tentative teasing all is revealed, a trimmed strip of pubes, small pert breasts and long slim, sexual legs. Turns out though that Brandi has a LOT of stuff she needs to get out, one of these being her purple dildo smuggled into the shoot with her bag. Using this and photos of Leoni K she gets herself to an awesome and erotic climax that perhaps she didn't think she'd do on camera!

Brandi :: Solo
This site is not about fake "amateur" Playboy style models that need a 3 hour make-up session before the first photo can be taken. It's about young, natural, healthy and happy girls that are having fun in front of the camera and that you won't see on any other site. There are six weekly updates, and you will need weeks to go through all the content in the member area that is already there. For me this is one of the top 5 sites on the web!
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