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Athletics Girls features 12 models, 2 referees and 10 competitors over 8 events. Half the events are team events and the other half are individual events. Competitors will be awarded points per the placings in each event with an eventual winner to be crowned.

The second event of Athletics Girls is the 100m Hurdles. This stills set captures the before interviews, the event and the award ceremony. There are 5 competitors in this event, those that did not compete in the long pee and those who finished outside the top 5.

Athletic Girls :: 100m Hurdles
This site is not about fake "amateur" Playboy style models that need a 3 hour make-up session before the first photo can be taken. It's about young, natural, healthy and happy girls that are having fun in front of the camera and that you won't see on any other site. There are six weekly updates, and you will need weeks to go through all the content in the member area that is already there. For me this is one of the top 5 sites on the web!
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